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incase Smart Repair around Doha UAE.

Xpert4 / Doha

Alliance Business Centers Network
4th Floor, Block-B
P.O. Box 183125
Business Village
Doha U.A.E
CEO: Dan Bick
Phone: +971 4230 6370


    About Daniel B ick 

    Born in 1979 in Germany (Cologne) Son of German Parents, the Name B ick has a long German history and was named the first Time around 1600 in German historique Books. Daniel starts his German 3 Years Automotive Painter education in 1999, after he has finished his School. After he has finished his Painter education he Starts working at Aston Martin after  he starts his own Business in Germany with Smart Repair in Cologne, we work with Premium Car Dealer (Mercedes Classic Center Stuttgart, Porsche Cologne, …). Daniel B ick was also presented in the German most famous Automotive Magazine VOX Automobile. After selling the Good settled Company in Cologne, he moved to Switzerland and work there with different Companies to get get more Skills. In this time he also works in Germany at the worlds biggest Smart Repair Company named Dent Wizard USA (Berlin). After this time he moved to Belgium (Europe) and start a new Smart Repair company, this company starts growing fast in a few weeks. We are in short time the License Partner Company of  Autoauctions in Germany, Belgium and Netherlands, Premium Cardealer in Luxembourg. – THE MOBILE IN HOUSE SPOT REPAIR UNIT >> Leather Repair  >> Wheel Scratch Repair  >> End Leasing Check >> Cities we serve in the Emirates