LEASINGCHECK® – Your leased vehicle will soon be returned. We prepare the vehicle optimally for the return, both optically and in terms of paintwork. Guaranteed savings of several hundreds of AED´s.Wheel Doctor Doha UAE, Cosmetic Wheel Repair in Minutes

In order to avoid deductions, additional payments or to reduce them to a minimum at the end of the leasing contract, a variety of work needs to be done before the vehicle is returned to the leasing company. We make the leased vehicle look like new again with:

Pushing dents out of the body (denting out without painting), painting, blending in (e.g. bumper corners), welding or gluing plastic bumpers, mechanically polishing the paintwork to give it a new shine, removing scratches, cleaning the interior, removing stains, etc ….

We work with car dealerships, leasing companies, corporate customers and private customers. Because of this, we know what’s important when it comes to returns. Based on many years of experience and from discussions with customers, we know how important it is to process a leased vehicle in order to save costs. This Areas we are able to fix in your InteriorOur preparations are carried out professionally so that the leasing return runs optimally with your leasing company. Use the form to let us know what needs to be done on your vehicle.

With our special, tried and tested LEASINGCHECK® system, we evaluate & check your vehicle according to a 50 point system. And help you to save money.Areas Xpert4 Smart Repair Doha UAE is able to repair

Please consider that the vehicle is only lent to you during the leasing period and that the leasing companies then want to sell the vehicle at a profit again. Thus, the vehicle may only show signs of wear corresponding to the mileage and age. As a rule, minor stone chips in the paint (on the front of the vehicle) and normal wear and tear such as the brakes and tires are considered “normal” signs of wear. Any other damage such as stains on the upholstery, scratches on the paintwork, dents on the bodywork, aluminum rims with curb damage, etc. must be repaired by the lessee (you). And anyone who has ever had their vehicle repaired in an authorized workshop knows the costs involved.

This is how we help you save money (up to 70%) with our LEASINGCHECK®

You present your vehicle washed to us
we will provide you with a cost estimate
You give us the go-ahead for repairs
we restore your vehicle
after completion, you can transfer the vehicle directly to the return

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