Smart Repair Doha, Qatar Bumper Repair

Smart Repair don´t change Parts, we want to repair them...

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Inhouse Wheel Scratch Repair Doha, Qatar

Wheel Scratch Repair repairs scratched Wheels also Diamond cutted Wheels..

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Bentley Interior Repair Doha, Qatar

Interior Repair removes scratches out of Leather, repair Burningholes ..

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Ferrari with matt Headlights in Doha, Qatar

Headlight Restoration

We are able to fix it for you.Don’t let your headlights make your car unsafe or look bad!Our experts restore your headlight’s clarity, and provide a lasting UV protection to keep your vehicle’s headlights looking new for years.

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Leasingcheck Xpert4 Doha


LEASINGCHECK® – Your leased vehicle will soon be returned. We prepare the vehicle optimally for the return, both optically and in terms of paintwork. Guaranteed savings of several hundreds of euros.

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Burning Hole Repair smart Repair Interior Repair Doha, Qatar

Burning Hole

Cigarette holes in Seats or Carpets will be up 80% repaired, it's the perfect solution to do before selling a Car. We cannot give you a warranty about this work, because its just temporarly and it may be get lost by cleaning.

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