In the past, the path then led to the authorized workshop or directly to the painter. 2000AED were quickly billed for the complete painting of the bumper, for example, and the car was in the workshop for 2-3 days.
With us, professional repairs are up to 70% cheaper and forgotten in several hours.
It is not always necessary to dismantle the entire component in the event of minor paintwork damage, have it completely painted and then reassemble it. We can help, especially with minor damage.
With the Smart-Repair method, minor damages can be repaired quickly and perfectly.
This means that the damaged area on the vehicle is repaired to the smallest extent.
This saves you time and money. “And if the area to be repaired is a bit larger, we can repair it, as well”.


Areas Xpert4 Smart Repair Doha UAE is able to repair

This we are able to Fix:

✔︎ Bumper Scratches

✔︎ Broken Plastics

✔︎ Broken Clearcoat

✔︎ Deformed Bumper

✔︎ Wheel Scratches

✔︎ Leather Paints

Note: Their are Areas that aren’t possible to fix with Smart Repair or Spot Repair. For Example Lying Surfaces (Hood, Roof,…) or damages in the middle of Part (Doors,…). – THE MOBILE IN HOUSE SPOT REPAIR UNIT >> Leather Repair  >> Wheel Scratch Repair  >> End Leasing Check >> Cities we serve in the Emirates
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