Everyone knows that constantly getting in and out of your car wears down the leather on your seat. We can repair them inexpensively. The cost of installing new parts can not be compared to our repair process, in addition new parts are not always immediately available in the right color or variant. With our repair method, the damage can be repaired quickly, easily and inexpensively within 30 to 60 minutes.
The original shape and strength in the area of damage is restored using the latest Adhesive Technology. Even the surface structure and the matching color tone are unobtrusively brought back to the original state using specially developed techniques and paint materials.  

This Areas we are able to fix in your Interior

This is what we can Fix:

✔︎ Leather Scratches

✔︎ Dashboard Scratches

✔︎ Plastic Scratches

✔︎ Burn Hole in Carpet

✔︎ Cigarette Holes

✔︎ Hole in Leather Scratches

✔︎ Steering Wheel  

✔︎ Damaged Steering Wheel

✔︎ Softpaint – THE MOBILE IN HOUSE SPOT REPAIR UNIT >> Leather Repair  >> Wheel Scratch Repair  >> End Leasing Check >> Cities we serve in the Emirates
Play Video about Porsche911 Damage Steeringwheel